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Elsevier's Dictionary of Automatic Technics will be a valuable tool for specialists, scientists, students and everyone who takes interest in the problems of investigation devoted to the design, development, and applications of methods and techniques for rendering a process of group of machines self-actuating, self-moving, or self-controlling. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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Sentiment analysis of political communication: combining a dictionary approach with crowdcoding

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RxTx This link opens in a new window This link opens in a new window. Scopus This link opens in a new window This link opens in a new window. Powered by Springshare. Login to LibApps. Aspectual functions performed by the various past tense forms do not overlap in French and English.

Difficulties compounded by inaccurate and oversimplified explanations are noted, and different functions are discussed. The French language is less and less used as an international scientific language and many French researchers publish their work in English. The use of English loan words in French plastic surgery has never been studied.

The aim of this study was to describe the frequency and types of English loan words in French plastic surgery. A corpus consisting of all the articles in a number of Annales de Chirurgie Plastique Esthethique, chosen by default, was created. The frequency of English loan words was calculated and the types of words were analysed. The corpus contains 0. Most of them are non-integrated loan words and calques. The majority of the plastic surgical loan words describe surgical techniques. The French plastic surgical language seems to be influenced by English.

The usage of loan words does not always follow the recommendations and the usage is sometimes ambiguous. Selected translated abstracts of Russian -language climate-change publications. This report presents English -translated abstracts of important Russian -language literature concerning general circulation models as they relate to climate change.

Into addition to the bibliographic citations and abstracts translated into English , this report presents the original citations and abstracts in Russian. Author and title indexes are included to assist the reader in locating abstracts of particular interest. Selected translated abstracts of Russian -language climate-change publications: II, Clouds.

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Issue in English;Russian. This report presents abstracts translated into English of important Russian -language literature concerning clouds as they relate to climate change.


In addition to the bibliographic citations and abstracts translated into English , this report presents the original citations and abstracts in Russian. English in the French Workplace: Realism and Anxieties. The adoption of English as a corporate language in an increasingly large number of French companies has provoked various reactions ranging from enthusiastic embrace to strong rejection based on anxiety and cultural protectionism.

This paper is an attempt to understand these reactions based on a stratified study of the extent to which English has….

This study explored components of language comprehension vocabulary, grammar, and higher-level language skills for poor comprehenders in French immersion. We identified three groups of bilingual comprehenders poor, average, and good based on English reading performance and compared their language comprehension skills in English L1 and French…. The present study was designed to investigate whether known intercultural differences in nonverbal behavior extend to specific nonverbal repertoires accompanying, and perhaps facilitating the act of speaking a verbal language. Conversations in the form of structured interviews between 48 French -Canadian, French-English bilinguals 24 males and 24….

Research on the opinions of Russian and French college students reflect different national views as to the qualitity of personality that are necessary for the head of a modern state. Contains 1 table and 3 notes. The terms in this glossary were derived from physical protection training material prepared at Sandia. The training material, and thus refinements to the glossary, has undergone years of development in presentation to both domestic and international audiences.

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French Immersion for English Language Learners? Given the increasingly diverse, multilingual student body in Canada, the call for increased inclusion in education, and in light of research highlighting the potential for inclusion in French immersion FI to be limited by gatekeepers, this study examines the beliefs of kindergarten teachers regarding the inclusion of English language learners in…. Presents an investigation of a longitudinal study of the development of past tense and plural inflections in elementary school children enrolled in either a French immersion or a traditional English curriculum.

The type of program did not influence the rate of acquisition. This update to the bibliographies from Nordicom edited in and lists publications on mass communications research from Denmark, Finland, and Norway, that have appeared in one or more of the three languages-- English , French , or German. Materials are listed for each country separately, arranged by author or title if there is no author ,…. This paper presents the results of an evaluation of a bilingual education program for English -speaking pupils, grades , in Ontario.

It is a partial French immersion program, with instruction in French or English half of each day. Evaluative tests are described, and English and French language skills examined. Final Report.

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Techniques of reversing English-Russian scientific and technical dictionaries into Russian-English versions through semi-automated compilation are described. Sections on manual and automatic processing discuss pre- and post-editing, the task program, updater correction of errors and revision by specialist in a given field , the system employed….

This dissertation examines the process of acquisition of semantic classes of reflexive verbs RVs in Russian by L2 learners with a native language English. The purpose of this study is to bridge the gap between current linguistic knowledge and the pedagogical literature existing in English on reflexives in Russian.

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RVs are taught partially and…. Investigates the influence of linguistic structure on non-linguistic cognition by comparing Russian and English behavior on tasks involving the color blue. Russians , who differentiate this region into "dark blue" and "light blue," were expected to separate blues more often than English subjects for whom the colors belong to one lexical category. This glossary was envisioned as an outgrowth of the many interactions, training sessions, and other talking and writing exercises that would transpire in the course of carrying out these programs. This report summarizes the status of the production of this glossary, the most recent copy of which is attached to this report.

Listeners feel the beat: entrainment to English and French speech rhythms.

Can listeners entrain to speech rhythms? Monolingual speakers of English and French and balanced English-French bilinguals tapped along with the beat they perceived in sentences spoken in a stress-timed language, English , and a syllable-timed language, French.

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All groups of participants tapped more regularly to English than to French utterances. Tapping performance was also influenced by the participants' native language: English -speaking participants and bilinguals tapped more regularly and at higher metrical levels than did French -speaking participants, suggesting that long-term linguistic experience with a stress-timed language can differentiate speakers' entrainment to speech rhythm.

This exploratory study investigated second language L2 French speakers' service encounters in the multilingual setting of Montreal, specifically whether switches to English during French service encounters were related to L2 speakers' willingness to communicate or motivation. Over a two-week period, 17 French L2 speakers in Montreal submitted…. The present study investigated the contribution of morphological and cognate awareness to the development of English and French vocabulary knowledge among young minority and majority language children who were enrolled in a French immersion program.

This study examined the within-language and cross-language relationships between orthographic processing and word reading in French and English across Grades 1 and 2. Seventy-three children in French Immersion completed measures of orthographic processing and word reading in French and English in Grade 1 and Grade 2, as well as a series of control…. Presents a list of English-French equivalents for terminology dealing with microfilm.

Most of the terms listed were taken from technical documents and brochures of the Kodak Company. Text is in French. The concept of classical conditioning CC , strongly connected with the name and work of the Russian physiologist Ivan Petrovich Pavlov , has become the foundation of the modern science of learning and, in particular, of the influential theories of Watson and Skinner and the entire school of behaviourism.

In this paper, we give a number of forgotten accounts of CC in the English , French , and German classic literature that pre-date Pavlov's reports by decades or even centuries. These instances are taken from works of the 16th, 18th, and 19th centuries - authored by some of the finest writers of England Sterne, Locke , France Rabelais , and Germany Jean Paul - and indicate that the psychological mechanisms now described as CC were known long before Pavlov and his successors elaborated on them in a systematic way.

Karger AG, Basel. An English translation of Russian common names of agricultural and forest insects and mites. This translation, based on a list of Russian names of insects and mites by W. Laux and G. Schmidt and published in , is designed to assist English -speaking entomologists and other biologists in identifying insect species from their Russian vernacular names as listed in Soviet Union journals.

The translation consists of three lists: 1 species arranged Presents findings of an evaluation of an English-French bilingual education program using partial instruction in the second language in St. Thomas, Ontario. The evaluation covers grades The program operates in unilingual English environment. Articulatory settings of French-English bilingual speakers.