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Everyone he knows has signed a mysterious set of papers to ensure his "privacy.

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But Jacob might have. What other secrets has Jacob been keeping? Explicit gay content. Create Widget.

About Jordan Castillo Price. Learn more about Jordan Castillo Price. Also by This Author. Also by This Publisher. Bellero Shield reviewed on on Nov. Too bad my Kindle version is marred by poor formatting. There are huge patches of monospaced text that interfere so completely with the reading experience, it's like driving down the freeway and getting a flat tire and then getting another on 10 minutes later.

I would rather not proofread. I'll come back and give the series another review when the problems are taken care of. Mel B reviewed on on July 1, This fourth installment of the PsyCop series is called Secrets and the title says it all: everybody is keeping secrets from everyone.

I found the crime story in Secrets to be the most interesting of the series till date, but the reason I read these books is because of the characters and there were some great revelations and developments going on! I just can't stress how much I love Vic. I loved that. Did he mention I had my fingers up his ass while I told him? He was turned on by my own special brand of sick.

Was that as kinky as I thought it was? He pressed his bellyful of sticky come against me. Now the sex and the dirty talk..


It was hot and Jacob finally got Vic to dirty Talk. The air in the room was cool against my face as I rolled free.

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His teeth fixed on my throat, and holy crap, he was biting hard. My hips bucked up, slamming my cock into his stomach. I could still form words.

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  4. View all 14 comments. Aug 17, Breann rated it really liked it Recommended to Breann by: Runell. Shelves: ghosts , humorous , police-military , mm , paranormal-romance , favorite-heroes , lendable-kindle , gimme-the-next-one-now , psychic , that-was-fun. Holy cripes. These two are so damn hot with the dirty talk and the biting and the face fucking.

    Oh my fucking… fuck! Victor Bayne might be one of my favorite characters.

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    He has his own brand of crazy and I love it. Secrets was definitely more relationship focused than the others in the series, which is probably why it's my favorite, so far. There were lot Holy cripes. There were lots of feels, for both the characters and for me. Big time. The mystery? Awesome, as usual. Victor totally kicks some ghost ass and I was happy to love Lisa again.

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    Secrets was full of secrets, some that are still, in fact, secrets. So, that ending? That ending left me wanting! Now, to get my copy of Camp Hell. View all 10 comments. Apr 28, Shelley rated it really liked it Shelves: damn-it-s-so-good , addictive-reading , fire-of-my-loins , m-m , i-fell-inlove , lovable-heroine , scarred-hero , favorite-author , hilarious , uber-alpha-male. Book 4 and it just keeps getting better and better. Ms Price does a cracking job at keeping me glued to this series. His winning narration is full of neurotic musings, misgivings and paranoia over uhm… well, everything.

    I want to highlight everything that comes out of his mouth. The plot is the most engaging to date; with a slow build and immaculate conclusion.

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    The uber awesome, super sexy, super perfect, super detective Jacob Marks continues to fuel my fantasies, despite not being as perfectly perfect as I thought. As much as I hate thinking it or asking it; are secrets causing a few cracks in this relationship? Crash is ever present; tempting, teasing and annoying Vic. He provides me with oodles of angst and many laughs; but this cheeky, sexy bad boy is a sneaky little fucker whose goal is to get Vic into bed trouble.

    Lisa is back! I love this woman, or is it just her talent I love?

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    Zigler Typical detective type bloke with typical detective type tash, originally deemed suspicious and by me; might have redeemed himself with his honesty and the introduction to his family. All this makes me very nervous for Camp Hell. I know that evil shit I mean crap went down at Camp Hell. Bring it on. I did say I was on a roll.

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    Jan 15, Sofia rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy-au-paranormal , crime-mystery-thriller. These guys were like poor Tom below. Well Jacob mainly but Vic not far behind. Vic had a kind of epiphany in this one, first about himself, about what he is and what had happened to him and then about Jacob who seems to be so in control but it seems that, that control is shaky as well. Victor is finally becoming aware. So we have Victor all hot and bothered, asking, demanding, chasing.

    I like this Vic.